There's so much good jazz being recorded around the world....a lot of it on small labels....and yet it rarely gets airplay. JAZZ it's own small way....tries to put that right!

JAZZ TODAY is a fortnightly radio show on Cambridge105. It is broadcast live in Cambridge UK on 105FM and online at Cambridge105.FM.

JAZZ TODAY ONLINE is a quarterly cloudcast of some of the best tracks to appear on JAZZ TODAY.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Jazz Today - Sunday 25th June at 3pm BST on Cambridge 105

....featuring music from trumpeters Dave Douglas and Jean-Paul Estievenart, clarinetists Achille Succi and Rudi Mahall and guitarist Jonas Hemmersbach. We’ll also be hearing from the quartet Pulcinella, Kati Brien’s Dream Band and the wonderfully named Sloth Racket. Plus plenty more, including our run through the jazz gigs coming up in Cambridge. Listen HERE at 3pm BST.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Playlist - June 11th 2017

Magnus Bakken Quartet feat. George Garzone: Opposing Forces from Cycles (AMP Music)
Lois Le Van: Redwood Meadow from So Much More (Hevhetia)
Greening from Ear to Ear: Lumpy from Tam O’Shanter Tales (self-released)
Sebastian Gramss’ Slowfox: Who Were from Gentle Giants (Traumton)
ZAPP4: Where Did You Sleep Last Night from In Bloom – The Music of Nirvana (Zennez)
Quinsin Nachoff’s Ethereal Trio: Imagination Reconstruction from Quinsin Nachoff’s Ethereal Trio (Whirlwind)
Aki Takase & David Murray: Nobuno from Cherry Sakura (Intakt)
Pitch Plot 4: Invitation to Walk from Big Eyebrow (Zennez)
Pitch Plot 4: A Poet’s Path from Big Eyebrow (Zennez)
Maria Portugal, Paul Van Kemenade & Jasper Van ‘T Hof: Dry Four from Daytime Sketches (KEMO)
Alex Bonney Quartet: Imaginary National Anthem from Halda Ema (Loop Collective)
Lois Le Van: False Cocoon from So Much More (Hevhetia)
Alexi Toumarila: Shadows from Kingdom (Edition)
Maria Portugal, Paul Van Kemenade & Jasper Van ‘T Hof:  Count Us In from Daytime Sketches (KEMO)
Brian Molley Quartet: The Pushkar Push from Colour and Movement (BGMM)
Sebastian Gramss’ Slowfox: Seen Dancing from Gentle Giants (Traumton)

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Playlist - May 28th 2017

Carlos Bica & Azul: Whale Rider from More Than This (Clean Feed)
Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet: Sad Song from Desire (Challenge)
Misha Mullov-Abbado: Shanti Bell from Cross-Platform Interchange (Edition)
Misha Mullov-Abbado: No Strictly Dancing from Cross-Platform Interchange (Edition)
Bart Maris & Peter Vandenberghe: Iseo from Getting Lost in Tiny Spaces (El Negocito)
Stefan Schultze Large Ensemble: Blues Lee from Ted the Bellhop (WhyPlayJazz)
Matt Dibble & Fabio Zambelli: Folk from Songs and Soundscapes (33Xtreme)
Þorgrímur Jonsson Quintet: Rotation from Constant Movement (Sunny/Sky)
Mosaic: Cryptogram from Subterranea (Edition)
Snorre Kirk: Port Lights from Drummer & Composer (Stunt)
Snorre Kirk: The Main Drag from Drummer & Composer (Stunt)
Andras Des Trio: Holding Your Hand, 150 Seconds Before Midnight from The Worst Singer in the World (BMC)
Paul Deitrich Quintet: The Quick Turn from Focus (Ears & Eyes)
Bart Maris & Peter Vandenberghe: El Solitario from Getting Lost in Tiny Spaces (El Negocito)
Blue Lines Sextet: Chop from Live at the Bimhuis (Casco)
Matt Dibble & Fabio Zambelli: Monkified from Songs and Soundscapes (33Xtreme)
Anne Mette Iversen: Solus from Ternion Quartet (BrooklynJazz Underground)
Anne Mette Iversen: Trio One from Ternion Quartet (Brooklyn Jazz Underground)

(Intro / Outro – Stephane Huchard: Jakawa Jungle Spoon from Toutakoosticks (Blue Note Fr))

Friday, 19 May 2017

Jazz Today Online - Spring 2017

To listen to the podcast, click HERE

Operasjon Hegge: Bosse & Dorris from Midt Pa Natta (Particular Recordings). Martin Myhre Olsen, and Petter Kraft, saxophones; Torstein Lavik Larsen, trumpet; Bjorn Marius Hegge, bass; Simon Olderskog Albertsen, drums.

David Arthur Skinner: David’s Blues from Skinner Plays Skinner (Losen). David Arthur Skinner, piano.

Tony Cattano: Erva Mate from Naca (Aut). Tony Cattano, trombone; Emanuele Parrini, violin; Matteo Anelli, bass; Andrea Melani, drums.

Himpel Eskildsen Duo: Yesterday’s Blues from 3rd Room (Jazzhausmusik). Benjamin Himpel, saxophone; Simon Eskildsen, piano.

Vein: Boarding the Beat from The Chamber Music Effect (Unit). Michael Arbenz, piano; Thomas Lahns, bass; Florian Arbenz, drums.

Noah Preminger: A Change is Gonna Come from Meditations on Freedom (self-released). Noah Preminger, saxophone; Jason Palmer, trumpet; Kin Cass, bass, Ian Froman, drums.

Hans Ludemann’s Rooms: Dark Lights / Blaue Kreise from Blaue Kreise (BMC). Hans Ludemann, piano; Sebastien Boisseau, bass; Dejan Terzic, drums.

Fredrik Ljungkvist & Mattias Hjorth: Borje from Past in Present (Kopasetic). Fredrik Ljungkvist, clarinet; Mattias Hjorth, bass.

OK:KO: Kesaranta from Land E. (AMP Music& Records). Jamo Tikka, saxophone; Toomas Keski-Santti, piano; Mikael Saastamoinen, bass; Okko Sastamoinen, drums.

Red Planet with Bill Carrothers: Ann R Chi Suite from Red Planet with Bill Carrothers (Shifting Paradigm). Bill Carrothers, piano; Dean Magraw, guitar; Chris Bates, bass; Jay Epstein, drums.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Playlist - May 14th 2017

Þorgrímur Jonsson Quintet: Humble from Constant Movement (Sunny/Sky)
Han Bennink Trio: Adelante 2 from Adelante (ICP)
Han Bennink Trio: De Sprong O Romantiek Der Hazen from Adelante (ICP)
Daniel Levine, Marc Hannaford & Devin Gray: Snow from Knuckleball (Gold Bolus)
Stephan Oliva, Susanne Abbuehl & Oyvind Hegg-Lunde: The Listening from Princess (Vision Fugitive)
Jaimie Branch: Theme 002 from Fly or Die (International Anthem)
Mark Lewandowski: Ain’t Misbehavin’ from Waller (Whirlwind)
Stephan Oliva, Susanne Abbuehl & Oyvind Hegg-Lunde: Desireless / Mopti from Princess (Vision Fugitive)
Chris Biscoe & Allison Neale: Rest Easy from Then and Now (Trio)
Celine Bonacina Crystal Quartet: Crossing Flow from Crystal Rain (Cristal)
Andreas Schaerer, Luciano Biondini, Kalle Kalima & Lucas Niggli: Rezuesler from A Novel of Anomaly (unreleased)
Claasue 4: Unveranert (unreleased)
Eva Klesse Quartett: Eulogie from Obenland (Enja)
Elliot Galvin Trio: Hurdy Gurdy from Punch (Edition)
Yacine Boulares, Vincent Segal & Nasheet Waits: Disappearance from Abu Sadiya (Accords Croises)
Yacine Boulares, Vincent Segal & Nasheet Waits: Dar Shems from Abu Sadiya (Accords Croises)
Celine Bonacina Crystal Quartet: Vantan from Crystal Rain (Cristal)
Joao Barradas: Ignorance from Directions (InnerCircle Music)
Stu Hunter: Land of Gypsies from The Migration (Habitat Productions)

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Playlist - April 23rd 2017

Joe Fiedler: Go Get It from Like, Strange (Multiphonics Music)
Himpel Eskildsen Duo: Yesterday’s Blues from 3rd Room (Jazzhausmusik)
Jovan Pavlovic Trio feat. MiNensemble: Refleks from Refleks (Ora Fonogram)
Norris Trio: Tiempo Abolida from Tonadoda (Enonane)
Lucia Cadotsch: Don’t Explain from Speak Low (EnjaYellowbird)
Lucia Cadotsch: Don’t Explain (Julian Sartorius Edit) from Speak Low Renditions (Enja Yellowbird)
OK:KO: Song of Bulls from Land E (AMP Music)
Bram Weijters & Chad McCullough: Endless Waiting from Feather (Ears & Eyes)
Chris Biscoe & Allison Neale: Then and Now from Then and Now (Trio)
Alex Hutton Trio: The Barons from The Magna Carta Suite (F-IRE Presents)
Synesthetic Octet: Regungslos from Rastlos (Jazzwerkstatt)
Shahin Novrasli: Emanation from Emanation (JazzVillage)
Shahin Novrasli: Jungle from Emanation (Jazz Village)
Anat Cohen & Trio Brasileiro: Flamenco from Rosa Dos Ventos (Anzic)
Miles Okazaki: The West from Trickster (Pi Recordings)
Himpel Eskildsen Duo: Green Eggs from 3rd Room (Jazzhausmusik)
Paolo Sorge: Slonimsky’s Domino from Triplain (Improvvisatore Involontario)
Jeff Kimmel Quartet: Charm Offensive from Charm Offensive (Ormolu Music)

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Playlist - April 9th 2017

Paolo Benedettini, Bruno Montrone, Adam Pache & Joe Magnarelli: Mag Pie from Near and How (AMP Music)
Red Planet with Bill Carrothers: Ann R Chi Suite from Red Planet with Bill Carrothers (Shifting Paradigm)
Rich Halley & Carson Halley: The Stroll from The Wild (Pine Eagle)
David Arthur Skinner: David’s Blues from Skinner Plays Skinner (Losen)
Chicago Edge Ensemble: from Decaying Orbit (self-released)
LAB Trio: Elevator from Nature City (Out Note)
LAB Trio: Variation 15 from Nature City (OutNote)
Michael Attias Quartet: Dark Net from Nerve Dance (Clean Feed)
Gareth Lockrane’s Grooveyard: Frizz from The Strut (Whirlwind Records)
Stefan Aeby Trio: Iuk from To The Light (Intakt)
Anat Cohen & Marcello Goncalves: Coisa No. 6 from Outra Coisa (Anzic)
The Microscopic Septet: Dark Blue from Been Up So Long It Looks Like Down To Me (Cuneiform)
Vanbinsbergen Playstation: Night Sky from Tales Without Words (Buzz)
Txema Riera: Little Feet Green from Terror (Underpool)
Big 4 + 1: Pretty Much Henry from 7 Years (Neuklang)